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Mold Removal

Professional Mold Removal in Clarkston, MI

Various types of molds exist, and while some may not be detrimental to your health, others can have adverse effects. Research indicates that individuals in good health exposed to mold can develop coughing, wheezing, and other symptoms resembling asthma. Persistent exposure can heighten the likelihood of infections or respiratory illnesses. Irrespective of the mold type or one’s perception of its impact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises removing any encountered mold.

Pure Air differentiates itself from the competition in Clarkston, MI by utilizing its advanced Dry Fog Technology. Instead of invasive and time-consuming tear-out methods, this technology releases minute dry fog particles that effortlessly penetrate the entire capacity of your home or office, eliminating encountered mold spores within the necessary dwell time. This highly effective and efficient technique guarantees the restoration of optimal air quality, leaving nothing wet once the process is complete. Moreover, it is safe for all belongings, including electronics, papers, photos, upholstery, and even plants. Our patented technology ensures the finest results for your indoor air, establishing it as one of the most comprehensive and dependable solutions in Clarkston, MI.


mold removal clarkston mi
mold removal clarkston mi

I had my home tested for mold. I saw black mold in my bathroom and basement. Communication was great. Scheduling the time to come out was a breeze. Showed up on time well dressed and professional. Bonus Dominic and Sam both LOVED my dog. All testing and remediation has been completed and I couldn’t be more happy with the job and most of all the customer service.

Karen R.

Powered By Our Two-Step Advanced Dry Fog Technology

Our exclusive mold removal process in Clarkston, MI utilizes a two-step system that generates a secure and non-toxic ‘cloud’. This ‘dry cloud’ infiltrates and covers all critical surfaces in your home, commercial, or industrial space, eliminating harmful pathogens such as black mold, fungi, and bacteria on contact. Our microscopic particles ensure no wet residue is left behind, guaranteeing optimal results with no adverse effects. Following treatment, a mold test can be performed with confidence.

Step 1 - InstaPURE

The InstaPure fog is so dense that visibility is greatly reduced. This highly effective process, along with the associated vapor phase change, thoroughly eliminates mold, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses, without the need for destructive measures on your walls. It even neutralizes mycotoxins and endotoxins. One notable advantage of this process is the absence of residue and damage. We encourage customers to include any items they wish to disinfect, and it is safe to leave cupboards, drawers, laptops, phones, and photos exposed.

Step 2 - EverPURE

The next step in the process, known as EverPure, allows us to apply billions of nitrogen and carbon spikes to every surface, providing EPA-verified 90-day protection. Just like the initial step, InstaPure, there are no harmful substances or heavy metals involved. This ensures that mold spores, bacteria, or viruses have zero opportunity to survive on any surface in your home or office.

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What is Dry Fog?

Other companies in Clarkston use fog to treat mold, even with similar chemicals. What’s different is how we use them, and how it benefits you. A “dry” fog simply means the particles in the fog are so small they bounce off of surfaces instead of sticking and creating moisture. Our patented process breaks down the particles much smaller than traditional sprayers or handheld fogging equipment.

illustration showing how particles bounce off surfaces

Dry Fog

(Our Process)

The Benefits of Dry Fog:

Particles are half the size of mold spores. Where mold goes, our fog can go.

Our chemicals stay airborne longer and are able to use a lower concentration of chemicals in your home.

Treatment is safe for electronics and home furnishings

illustration showing how particles absorb on surfaces

Wet Fog

(Other Process)

mold removal clarkston mi

We use Peracetic  Acid (CH3OOOH), which is mixed with water and released in our fog. The water creates a reaction in which one oxygen atom breaks off and in a process known as “lysis”, the oxygen atom tracks down bacteria and mold and ruptures the cells.

Professional Mold Removal Service in the Clarkston Area

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