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Mold Removal

Mold Removal Ortonville, MI

Keep Yourself Safe and Healthy with Short Stop Chem-Dry Mold Removal in Clinton Township, MI! Whether you’re dealing with black mold, mildew, or another type of fungus, our experienced technicians can handle the job. We use an advanced cleaning system that eliminates all mold safely and effectively, keeping your home healthy. Our hypoallergenic, non-toxic solutions mean that you won’t have to worry about any lingering effects after the job is done. Protect yourself and your family further – book your mold removal appointment with Short Stop Chem-Dry in Clinton Township today!

Dry Fog Technology Get complete air sanitization with Pure Air in Ortonville, MI! Pure Air offers a revolutionary fogging solution that destroys mold, bacteria, and other airborne pollutants. Unlike traditional tear-out methods of air quality restoration, our patented dry fog technology produces tiny particles that reach into even the smallest crevices to ensure your entire home is sanitized without leaving anything wet. And with it being safe for electronics, papers, photos, upholstery, and plants – you can be sure all your possessions will be safe from harm. Restore healthy air quality to your home with Pure Air today!

mold removal ortonville mi

“I had my home tested for mold. I saw black mold in my bathroom and basement. Communication was great. Scheduling the time to come out was a breeze. Showed up on time well dressed and professional. Bonus Dominic and Sam both LOVED my dog. All testing and remediation has been completed and I couldn’t be happier with the job and most of all the customer service.”

Karen R.

“Absolute best experience I’ve had with a service out at my house. These were real people – not some scripted workers selling ya something. They took the time to inspect everything thoroughly while explaining each step of the process along the way. Even after the clean-up was preformed they stayed in touch with me to let me know estimates on post-test results and when they were ready and in my email. I would recommend them 100%”

Theo G.

“So glad I found this local company. They were professional when they came out and took the samples in my basement. When mold was detected they called us right away and set up an appointment to come out and remove it. The process was so easy, did not make a mess of my home, and we were able to give us a clearance of the mold. Made me feel so much better with the kids in the house. Check them out!”

Renee S.

mold removal ortonville mi

Mold Removal in Ortonville, MI

In Ortonville, MI, the importance of mold removal cannot be overstated, as it plays a vital role in ensuring the health and safety of residents and preserving the structural integrity of their homes. Mold growth can lead to various health issues ranging from allergies and respiratory problems to more severe complications if left unchecked. Additionally, mold can cause significant damage to a property’s structure, potentially resulting in costly repairs and even devaluation. Timely and effective mold removal in Ortonville is essential for maintaining a healthy living environment for you and your family, as well as protecting your investment. By addressing mold-related problems early on, you not only safeguard your loved ones’ well-being but also contribute to the longevity and value of your home. Don’t underestimate the significance of mold removal – it’s an essential step in ensuring a safe and healthy living space in Ortonville, MI.

mold removal ortonville mi

Get Whole-Home Sanitization with Pure Air’s Advanced Dry Fog Technology in Ortonville!

Get Long-lasting Mold Sanitization with Pure Air’s Proprietary Process in Ortonville, MI! Pure Air employs a proprietary two-step system to provide safe, non-toxic sanitization of your home, commercial, or industrial space. Our dry fog technology produces microscopic particles that fill and penetrate every nook and cranny – eliminating mold, fungi, and bacteria on contact. Best of all – our process leaves no wet residue so you can have peace of mind that your possessions stay safe and dry. Prevent the spread of mold with Pure Air’s revolutionary process today!

Step 1 - InstaPURE

InstaPure fog gets so thick, it is difficult to see your hand in front of your face. This process, along with the associated vapor phase change; completely denatures all mold, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses, without having to demolish your walls. This includes the disruption of mycotoxins and endotoxins. The best part of this process is that we leave no residue, and nothing gets damaged.  We encourage customers to leave out anything they want to be disinfected, and open cupboards, drawers, laptops, phones, and photos, it’s that safe.    

Step 2 - EverPURE

The second part of the process is called EverPure enables us to attach billions of nitrogen and carbon spikes on every surface leaving EPA-verified 90-day protection. Again, as with the first step InstaPure, there are no poisons or heavy metals involved. This means that a mold spore, bacteria, or virus has no chance of surviving on any surface of the home or office.

Easy Mold Removal in Ortonville, MI

Get the Mold Removal Services You Need Now – Book with Pure Air in Ortonville, MI! Don’t suffer from mold any longer – book with Pure Air and get the professional mold removal services you need. Our experienced team will use our two-step advanced dry fog system to penetrate deep into your home and commercial space, sanitizing every surface they come in contact with. Get the healthy air quality you deserve now – book with Pure Air today!

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Contact Pure Air Oakland for mold inspection & tests, mold removal, pathogen removal, odor removal, and other disinfection services. Proudly serving the Oakland area.

What is Dry Fog?

Other companies in Clarkston use fog to treat mold, even with similar chemicals. What’s different is how we use them, and how it benefits you. A “dry” fog simply means the particles in the fog are so small they bounce off of surfaces instead of sticking and creating moisture. Our patented process breaks down the particles much smaller than traditional sprayers or handheld fogging equipment.

illustration showing how particles bounce off surfaces

Dry Fog

(Our Process)

The Benefits of Dry Fog:

Particles are half the size of mold spores. Where mold goes, our fog can go.

Our chemicals stay airborne longer and are able to use a lower concentration of chemicals in your home.

Treatment is safe for electronics and home furnishings

illustration showing how particles absorb on surfaces

Wet Fog

(Other Process)

mold removal ortonville mi

We use Peracetic  Acid (CH3OOOH), which is mixed with water and released in our fog. The water creates a reaction in which one oxygen atom breaks off and in a process known as “lysis”, the oxygen atom tracks down bacteria and mold and ruptures the cells.

Professional Mold Removal Service in the Ortonville Area

Pure Air Oakland serves Lake Orion, Oxford, Clarkston, Brandon Twp, Waterford, Rochester, Troy, Ortonville, West Bloomfield, Birmingham, Oakland & the surrounding areas making homes safe and healthy for your family!

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