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Mold Remediation Reinvented

There are several types of mold that can grow in your home or workplace, some of which negatively affect your health more than others. Prolonged exposure to toxic molds can heighten the risk of respiratory illness and infections, so the CDC has recommended you remove any mold you may stumble across.

Pure Air Mold Removal utilizes a unique Dry Fog Technology that sets us apart from other competitors in the Oakland area. This patented process uses a special fog that quickly eliminates mold spores without causing any damage to your property. Better yet, it’s done in record timing and is safe for electronics, photos, upholstery, and plants!

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Pure Air Mold Removal Oakland

Professional Mold Removal Service in the Oakland Area

Pure Air Oakland serves Lake Orion, Oxford, Clarkston, Brandon Twp, Waterford, Rochester, Troy, Ortonville, West Bloomfield, Birmingham & the surrounding areas making homes safe and healthy for your family!

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Learn More About Our Two-Step Dry Fog Technology

Our specialized mold remediation process in Oakland uses a two-step system to build a non-toxic ‘cloud’ that fills and penetrates every critical surface in your home or commercial space. This ‘dry cloud’ is made up of microscopic particles that kill everything from bacteria to black mold — without leaving any wet residue behind.

Looking for a related service? We can help!

We offer far more than just mold remediation to the Oakland area. Our professional technicians conduct Mold Testing & Inspections, which can help you determine where mold is in your home. Our air quality tests are sent to a third-party lab to be verified, and results are typically given within 2-3 business days. Whether you’re moving into a new home or you’re curious as to why you’re always feeling sick, our mold inspections can give you peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else!

Additionally, we also provide an Odor Removal service that can rid your home of almost any nasty smell. Our Pure Air system purges your entire home, and can remove common odors like pet smells, urine, cigarette smoke, food spills, and musty buildings.

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Read What Our Customers Are Saying

They were very friendly and responsive. Answered any questions I had. They ended up fogging the house for mold. After ripping up some carpet, they came in and retested the area for mold. Found some more so I had them fog it again. Due to their 1 year warranty, the 2nd batch, and the tests did not cost anything. Assuming the fog killed the black mold like they claim, then I have no issues with them. They are very friendly and reassuring.

David L.

Pure Air helped me fog a used car that I bought, he took the stuff out of the car and put it back in all I had to do was wait. The service was done quickly and efficiently. I’m looking forward to purified air quality in the new car.

Emma M.

I don’t often review companies, but I feel especially inclined to give positive feedback about Pure Maintenance. A very professional and informative group. The technician who treated our home was very courteous to our schedule and I felt comfortable leaving our home in his hands to treat while we were away. Would recommend to anyone with mold related issues.

Jake W.

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